Saturday, 18 July 2015

Important update

Hello Lovelies,

As some of you will be aware I am a week away from my due date hence why I have not blogged as I have had the pregnancy from hell.

I wanted to just drop you all a post to say the blog will be changing over the coming weeks and its very own domain which is (make sure you bookmark the new address). I am also considering a blog dedicated to just eye looks so, if this is something you would like to see comment below.

I will be blogging more regularly once I have the little miss into a routine so, I hope that you will continue to enjoy my blog.

If there are any posts you would like to see in particular let me know in the comments.

For now my hiatus will continue until the screaming cherub arrives.

Much love

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Exciting News...

Hey Dolls, 

Yes that's right I'm pregnant, 13 weeks to be exact. So, I obviously don't need to explain why I've been missing.

I've been quite poorly and lost interest in everything including the blog. I know i say it all the time but, now that I'm feeling better I hope to be back blogging more regularly as I have a ridiculous amount of products to review.

I hope you'll continue to pop by my little blog and enjoy the content.

I love you all


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Finally The IMATS and UMAexpo Haul

Well Hello, Long time no see!

Yes I am still alive its been a very busy few months getting myself back to normality following the Miscarriage but, I am pleased to say I think I am coming out of the other side. There are lots of great new things happening in my world and things are pretty good :)

On to the IMATS and UMAexpo  as some of you know I work for the lovely Love Makeup most shows which I thoroughly enjoy, If I had to pick a Makeup Family it would be the show team as its always the same people and what a great and talented team they are.

I brought a ton of stuff at both shows. I am going to list the items below and then over the coming weeks I plan on giving you full on reviews of each item.

What did i get?

A selection of Zoeva Brushes
A Zoeva Set Bag
Shadow Sheilds
Japonesque Brush Belt
Makeup Forever HD Primer
Makeup Forever Mist & Fix
Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush in Cherub and Flush
Limecrime Lipsticks in Centrifuchsia, Geradium, Countessa Fluorescent, Great Pink Planet, Babette
HD Brows Brow Palette, Vamp, Bombshell and Foxy Shadow Palettes, Brow Colour Fix, Browtec and Brow Define
NARS Black Eye set, Orgasm/Laguna Bronzer Duo and Orgasm Nail set, Mini Monoi Body Glow and South Beach Multiple set, Velvet Matte Lips set, Full Size Super Orgasm
Make-up Atelier Paris T-zone Gel
Sugarpill Kitten Parade, Acidberry and Dollipop
Bobbi Brown Long-wear Gel Liner, Extreme Party Mascara,  Navy and Nude Eye Palette and Bobbi Brown Pro Card

I actually haven't opened anything its been sat in my wardrobe since both shows!

I cant wait to swatch everything for you guys and as I love you all so much I have a giveaway coming up including one item from above.

I hope you are all well and enjoy my haul.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Bleach London Super Cool Colours Violet Skies

Hey Lovelies,

I got a little bored with the red hair so, I decided to go back blonde but as I was doing it myself and had long roots with only a light wash of bleach on them I decided to temporarily go purple while my hair relaxes from the bleach. Last time I lightened my hair i did it all so quickly and ended up with broken hair so, I wasn't going to repeat that mistake.

Anyway back to the dye, I had always wanted to try Parma Violets when I was blonde before but, it was always sold out and then it was recalled :( I have no idea why it was recalled as it was a beautiful colour with lots of different colour shades in it.

I opted for Violet Skies which I am assuming is the replacement of Parma Violets the shade in the bottle looks like a very dark purple but, don't be scared off this is not how it comes out.
When you put the colour into a mixing bowl it appears to be a pink toned purple and this is apparent in the finished look but very subtle. 

The only issue I had with this product is that it didn't take to some of the light areas of my hair and obviously  my roots, however, I think this may be partly my fault with not lightening it enough but, I have a very sensitive scalp and bleach can burn me quite quickly so, I had to take it off quite quick this time.
I really like the final colour, I think it really suits my skin tone and actually brings some colour to my face where as the red made me look quite pale. The price of £5.00 is perfect for all of us and I could have got away with using half the bottle but, I always use a bit more to ensure i get the product everywhere. 

The brand on a whole is very affordable and I have had no bad experiences with any of their products which for lighter shades is now my go to brand. I would like to try Blullini, Awkward Peach and Sea Punk but, after stumbling across that's so yesterday's blog I want to try her mermaid hair which is linked, her hair is super amazing! 

What have your experiences with Bleach London been? Would you try Violet Skies? Let me know in the comments.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Sad News...

Hello Lovelies,

For those of you that don't follow me on Twitter its with a heavy heart I tell you all that on 14th June 2014 I lost my little one.

Its been a tough month and I am still in the grieving process hence the lack of blogging.

Anyone that has suffered a miscarriage will know just how painful it is especially when I was 1 week away from my 3 month scan.

The doctors have said that there was no particular reason for the loss I was just very unlucky.

For those of you that were aware and have passed on your lovely messages I thank you for your kind words and support.

Normal service shall resume shortly as I have some posts in the works along with my IMATS haul.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Follow My Pregnancy Journey

Hi Beauties,

As some of you may be aware from twitter I am officially around 8 weeks pregnant. I have decided to blog about my first pregnancy from start to finish. If any of you wonderful people want to follow my journey you can visit:

I will be attempting to update it as often as possible and I hope you will enjoy following this magical time with me.

Speak soon about more beauty related stuff :)

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Long Time No See....

Well Hello There...

Its been a very long time (slaps wrist) and I am so sorry! I have been totally wrapped up in my new job and new man and just didn't have a spare moment to blog. I would sit down get the blog up and just had no inspiration, fellow bloggers will understand that when the inspiration is lost its very hard to be creative.

Well, I am pleased to say that my creative juices have been flowing and that's mainly thanks to the lovely Sue from Love Makeup allowing me help her at this years UMAexpo. Low and behold seeing lots of creative people and of course the makeup I started to miss being so creative and all things that comes along with being a Makeup artist.

So, whats been happening I hear you cry well....

The New Job 

I have been at the new job for 9 months now and its amazing but, extremely intense. It has been great being back in the big wide world of work but, it has come with its struggles the main one being my stupid back. Taking my back out of the equation I no longer have to look at 4 walls and fight the government to acknowledge I have a disability which is such a huge weight off of my mind.

The New Man

Funny story after years of being on dating sites and going on failed dates I met him at Jury Service! Noooo he was not the one on trial haha. We have been together about 4 months now and had a few ups and downs mostly involving crazy ex's and people interfering but, things are getting back on track and its nice to finally be happy.
The Hair

Over the months it has gone from Red to Pink, Mink, Lavender, Purple, Blonde, Mint/Light Blue/Lavender (Think Unicorn), Platinum and finally back to Red. Lots and lots of hair dye, money and smelling of bleach but, I got to test the new Bleach of London range which is awesome! A more in depth review of the Bleach of London range will be posted soon.
Pic Monkey did something funky to my lips on the first image!

I got two new ones a sugar skull on my thigh and a pinup girl on my arm and I L.O.V.E them both. 

That's a snippet of whats been going on in Emma Land all very, very exciting :)

Ohhhhh and how could I forget I met You Me At Six!!!!!!!!
Over the next few weeks posts may be a bit all over the place whilst I try to get some sort of schedule in place so, please be patient I haven't vanished again.