Lack of Posting...

So, its been a while since I posted.....

The last month has been very manic I started working on a charity calendar for St Barnabas Hospice in Worthing. The money generated from the sales will go towards building one of the purpose built blocks at the new St Barnabas Hospice.

I took the project on because my father in law was loosing his battle with cancer and after talking with him about it he really wanted me to do it and said that it would make him very proud.

A couple of dates in my father in law sadly lost his fight and passed away with all of his family around him.

Going back to shooting was hard but I had to see the project through because this is what he would have wanted.

The calendar wraps this Thursday and i have to say it has been an amazing project to have been a part of.

Behind the seens pictures will be added soon in the meantime visit and pre-order your copy!