Follow Up On The Bundle Box Service

OK so I did a little more research after the last post as the lovely Louise made a comment saying that Sarah from I Heart Cosmetics had a really bad experience with BundleBox. 

I personally have used the service twice and had a good experience so far!

I will continue to update this post as and when I find or receive more reviews from you lovely people!

Below is the first review I have found this review is very thorough and is by the lovely Dazzledust25 

Thanks to the lovely Louise here are the links to the posts she was talking about: and

What I will say regarding the above posts is that these were done a little while ago and by viewing the video above and from my personal experiences things do see to have got better with the site.

Things to Remember if you are considering using BB:

1. Use the shipping estimator to estimate your shipping first so you know what to expect 
2. Ask BB to repack as this seems to lessen the shipping costs as some companies use unnecessary packaging
3. Think about splitting your orders with others to share the costs.

With all services there are people that have great experiences and people that have bad ones and it is for you to make an inform decision as to weather you want to try the service.