Great Service For Getting Products From USA Easier!

Hi All

I was helping Lilbiuty as she really wanted some stuff from a well know Cosmetics company as their US site has more choice of colors than we do here.

I thought it only right that I let you know how to do it so here goes:

Register with Bundlebox they will provide you with your own US address there are no subscription fees however, you will pay for shipping from you US address to the UK and a small fee.

If your card is not accepted due to it being a UK card they can pay for the items for you for which they also charge a fee.

My advice to Lilbiuty and to you is to club together with other wanting products from the same company and then split all of the costs which will make this cheaper for you.

I hope this has helped you out.


Please note this is based on my personal experience with the company as I have used them a few times and had no issuebut it has come to light that other people have had issues!