Blog Honesty!

So, I woke up to a lovely email this morning (sarcasm)

The email was regarding my FOTD posted yesterday and how I should only post flawless FOTD's because and I quote "No-one wants to see a look that you couldn't get right, people want flawless looks and you should know better being a make-up artist posting something inferior"

So, I thought I would post the reason's behind posting the "inferior" look.

I believe in honesty and just because I'm a Make-up Artist does not mean that I am automatically perfect at everything. Any Make-up Artist will tell you that you never stop learning FACT

I wanted to post the look anyway to show that Make-up Artist's do get it wrong, we are not all perfect and in my case I am actually better at doing other peoples make-up than my own. With that said, I chose to use my own face because this is my blog and it should have my face on it. From time to time I may use a model but that will be a rare event!

I will always post honestly because you take the time to read my blog and I dont want it filled with lies and false statements.

Thanks for reading my rant

Ems xo

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