Emma The Doofus

Well, I don't know where the time has gone between my last post and now! 

I planned to do some posts for you guys on Thursday but was a little poorly thanks to Hove Pizza Hut, thankfully I was better by the time it came to meet Jenny one of my Best Friends. We visited our favourite pub in Brighton The Fountain Head I love this place it has such a nice atmosphere and tends to be filled with really creative quirky people.

My beautiful very See through top :)
 Jenny had some amazing news she just landed an amazing job for Debenhams as a PR Manager for Women's Clothing and Accessories. I am so proud of her she has had an awful 18 months and things are now falling into place for her.

I got a tad drunk and thought it would be a great idea to text the man friend, Totally the wrong move as anyone who has drunken texted before will know. I fear I have now scared him off :( but it's a learning thing: Emma must NOT have a phone when she is drinking!

Yesterday I felt a little sorry for myself so spent the day watching The A- Team in bed and painting my nails.

I have a few posts ready to go and some in the writing but bare with me this weekend is hectic, tonight I am out for George's Birthday and tomorrow I am in London for the day.

I hope you have all had an amazing week and enjoyed the sun!


Ems The Doofus xo

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