My Other Love - Tattoo's

I thought I would share with you my other love and that is my Tattoo's.

My first tattoo was a D behind my left ear, for my Father in Law David who lost his fight to Cancer, for my friend Danny who was murdered 10 years ago and for my Dad. Those three men have had such an impact on my life in the way I am as a person, so when David died I decided to take the plunge and make this my first piece. I didn't know back then that this would be the first of many!

Second was twelve stars on my right arm, which are there to remind me that I lost 12 years and to never repeat the same mistake again.
Number three is 'Without you is how I disappear', which are lyrics from My Chemical Romance's This Is How I Disappear from The Black Parade Album. The reason for these lyrics are because I had a mini breakdown due to not grieving for the death of David.The support of three friends at that time and music also helped me through, so the lyrics seemed pretty apt.
Next up is my amazing back piece 'Keep the Faith', inspired by My Chemical Romance's Guitarist Frank Iero's tattoo and his inspiring speeches always ending them with 'Keep the Faith'. Those three words can have so many different meanings for different people, but for me they mean Keep the faith, things will get better (and they have).

Now we have my funny little Funn Ghoul logo. This tattoo has the least meaning out of all of them. I got him purely because, as you can already tell I love My Chemical Romance and Frank Iero. When they bought out Danger Days this little man was Franks Killjoy symbol, so I wanted him and where better than my hand. Every time I look at this tattoo I grin, so even though it doesn't really have a meaning, it keeps a huge smile on my face and it really is a conversation starter.
Finally, we have my unfinished anchor on my left arm. I had this tattoo done on the anniversary of Dan's death and a close friend at the time chose it as well as its placement. I need to have a rope and colour added then it will be done.

So, there you have it a look into my tattoo's and my obvious love for My Chemical Romance and I know for sure there will be at least one more MCR related tattoo to come later this year. Anyone that knows the band and the fans, will hear a lot of the fans say they saved my life etc. They certainly helped me change my life through their music and inspirational interviews and now I refuse to conform and live how I want to live regardless of what people think of me!

All of my tattoo's were done at Sideshow Tattoo's in Hove the last three by the Amazing Micheal Fathers the shop owner.

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