Off Topic - Internet Dating: Yay or Nay?

A few months ago I decided to plunge into the world of Internet dating because seriously dating is a pain in the bum! You cant meet a nice guy in a pub or club these days it just doesn't happen (oh dear I sound old) I joined Plenty of Fish initially for a laugh but its turned into a full time job in itself!

I am not blowing my own trumpet because a lot of the emails I get are from weirdos or people that I am just not interested in dating but, in the last week I have counted that I have actually replied to more than 200 emails! 

Can you really find a nice decent guy? So far only one that I would have dated unfortunately he turned out to be a player, yes there are lots of them too!

Is it worth the time and effort? In my case possibly because meeting guys here is hard, like I said you just don't meet a guy that's wanting to form a relationship in a club or a pub.

My family are actually very supportive my mum does say she cant see how I have had to resort to doing it but that's because Mum is bias and thinks her daughters are the most beautiful things to walk the planet! Mum wake up its not true!!

I kind of wanted to post about this because there does seem to still be a big issue with Internet dating, people still think its weird and unsafe. There are weirdos on there but on the whole I have encountered really nice guys but most of them live miles away.

At this current moment I think all that I could get out of it is a few more friends, but I still have hope I wont be single for much longer because its getting boring to be honest and I would like kids one day!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my middle of the night/early morning lack of sleep random post! What do you think about Internet dating? Would you do it?

Ems xo

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