Reminiscing: IMATS 2011 and Pursebuzz Interview

After a brief chat with the lovely Elessa AKA Pursebuzz on twitter this weekend I have been looking through the pictures from working with The Make-up Artist Boutique at IMATS 2011. I had forgotten the interview Elessa did with me and looking back now I am fabulously cringetastic (I hate being on film)

I thought I would share some of the pictures from that amazing time and the cringe worthy interview with the amazing Elessa.

I appear at 8 mins 51 seconds and looking back now you can really see how much weight I have lost since then, I also love that I am reppin' my Linkin Park Shirt which is now huge :(

With the lovely Elessa

With the amazing Mary-Jane and Deborah AKA Dvoradivine

One of my icons Mr Kevin James Bennett

OCC's Katie Pellegrino

With Deb again

Finally the Legend that is David Klasfeld
I hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane :)

Ems xo

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