The Dirty Thirties Have Commenced!

As some of you may know it was my 30th on 19th April which plays a little part in the complete lack of posting. I spent the actual day with my Best Friend George and got reasonably drunk. I got some amazing presents including clothes, money, make-up (of course), amazing Tarina Tarantino earrings and a fabulous Wonder Woman mug.

Amazing earrings that I cannot wear as my sister forgot I have tunnels!

Amazing Wonder Woman mug from Ruby and James... We all know my fellow geek James chose this HA!
My amazing shirt from Sideshow Familia, I will post a better picture in my Merch Haul Post.

So, the birthday night in with George involved bottles of rose and pint glasses, I totally blame George haha. We spent the night eating pizza, taking millions of pictures and random videos, of which you lovely people will not be seeing as they involve me singing to myself!

Friday was a chill day, luckily I didn't feel too bad just really tired and i needed to conserve my energy for my party on the Saturday.

Saturday was an amazing evening, even though a lot of people pulled out at the last minute, the most important people where with me and I had a date too so not all bad. We started at my favourite pub in Brighton, The Fountain head where manager Kathryn, had reserved us a few tables and then the drinking commenced. We then moved onto The Haunt, my favourite dancing spot as on a Saturday night its always 80's night. Myself George and my date Dave were the last ones standing getting home at 5.30am.... I know, I know, dirty stop out, but I had such an amazing time and got a birthday kiss so I cant moan really can i? Although, unfortunately, we wont be seeing each other again as much as I would have liked too.

I then hibernated for the week, feeling quite sorry for myself but then Saturday 28th arrived and what a day that was, but you can read more about that in a separate post a little later on, for now i will leave you with some birthday snaps.

How the actual birthday started

What happens after a few too many!

George took advantage and took bum pictures whilst i crawled into the kitchen Haha
George and I ready to party
My gorgeous bestie George ready to party his ass off.
Still sober!

The Sister and the Godbrother

Not so sober!

George, Dave and Dave's Friend Simon

Darcy the nutter

Dave, Me (really not sober now!) Darcy and George

Dave attempting to eat my sister

Lizard Tongue Girl, Her super powers are to lick people with her incredible tongue haha

Ems xo

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