Review - Bare Escentuals Make-under

On the 19th of April I was invited to have a Make-under at the new Brighton Bare Esentuals Boutique. I arrived in the very posh boutique at 4pm to be greeted by Sharmin.

Sharmin began by matching my skin to the correct foundation, she explained that she would do half of my face and that I would do the other half to see how simple it was to do.

Sharmin cleansed my skin using the Purifying Facial Cleanser followed by the Purely Nourishing Cream. The cream is specific for dry skin, the thick luxurious cream is non greasy and leaves the skin feeling very smooth and nourished. The Nourishing Cream, has a very mild relaxing citrus smell.

The skin was then primed all over using Prime Time Foundation Primer. This primer is amazing for people with dry skin and does a great job of masking large pores which I suffer with across the cheek area. Once the skin was primed, it was ready to have the foundation Original SPF15 Foundation added, which Sharmin chose in Fair. The process of adding the foundation is so simple you tap the tiniest amount into the lid of the foundation, swirl your brush and then tap off the excess. When applying the foundation to the skin, you use circular motions all over the face gently buffing the product into the skin, using the Full Flawless Application Brush. To conceal any red areas or dark circles, continue using the foundation but you switch to the Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush. It is amazing how much coverage you can get from a tiny bit of powder!

Warmth All-Over Colour and Fair SPF15 Foundation
The face was contoured using the Warmth All-Over Face Colour and the 3 technique. The 3 technique is where you apply the colour starting at the temples and then drawing a 3 from the temple down across the cheeks and then onto the jawline. The 3 technique evenly distributes the colour, where the sun would naturally place colour. A small amount of the same powder was placed onto the nose area to bring everything together.

Once the foundation and warmth was in place, Sharmin set the face with the Mineral Veil Finishing Powder. Sharmin then handed the brushes and products over to me for me to complete the other side of my face following her instruction.

Top - Bottom: Primer in Gunmetal blended, Unblended, Chance and  Kismet
With the face completed we moved onto the eyes, first of all the eyes were primed using Prime Time Primer Shadow in Gunmetal. The great thing about this particular primer, is that it has some colour to it so it can be warn alone or completely blended with shadow applied over the top. We then chose to use The Nick of Time palette, applying the lighter shade Chance, all of the lid up to the brow bone and then Kismet as a contour colour. Chance has a shimmer to it and Kismet is a matte colour. A little of The Ready Blush in shade, The Confession was added to the cheeks.

The look was finished using the Flawless Definition Mascara in black on the lashes and Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polish in Sugar. This Lip Polish is a plumper and it honestly did increase the size of my lips very slightly.

Sharmin filled in a full list of the products she used so that I had a record if I wanted to purchase any of the items in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the girls in my local boutique are all so lovely as is the service itself. I would recommend to anyone looking to try the products out as its free and a great way to learn about the products.

The pictures taken of myself following the Make-under did not come out at all well so I have redone the look for an FOTD which will be following this post a little later.

Have you had a Make-under? Tell me what you thought.

Ems xo

*Arranged by PR. All views are my own

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