The last few weeks.....

The last few weeks have been pretty manic, I have been on so many dates I now call myself the serial dater ha ha! I have also been suffering a lot with my back which has really put me on a bit of a downer as it had been pretty good.

I have a busy week this week as the folks are away so, I am having to make sure that the boutique is ticking along OK for mum and get my sister to sort out any parcel's that need sending.

Tomorrow I have yet another date but the pessimistic side of me says it will go the way all the others have, i do hope not as he is a cutie and we really seem to get on!
As the lovely GetLippie said you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince :) as soon as i find that prince i am sure you lot will be the first to know!

I have be testing out some great products during the time I haven't been posting so I have quite a few reviews for you guys, a lot of skin care and a wonderful eczema relief product and I cant wait to tell you about them.

Ems xo

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