Highlights of The Week

Beautiful Brighton Beach & West Pier early evening
Morning Lovelies!

I thought I would try and bring a bit more of a personal post to you once a week so you can get to know me a little better and get a look into what I have been doing.

Here are the highlights of last week:

Tuesday I had a random evening out, I always find unplanned randomness is the most fun. My good friend Tom messaged and asked me to join him for an evening of Beer, Beach BBQ's and movies. It was a lovely night we haven't seen each other for a while so, it was great catching up with him and chatting about dates and other things going on in our lives whilst the sun went down. We went through a few beers, some Ben and Jerry's cookie dough and quite a bit of p*ss taking from him, no night with Tom is normal without some kind of p*ss taking.

Freshly burnt finger due to forgetting utensils #Idiot

Friday was Date night! I have been chatting to this lovely guy for a few months now and we finally managed to get together for a few drinks in my local, some food and then a few movies. I had been really excited about this one as we just seemed to click from the minute we started chatting. The date went really well and he has said he would like to see me again so, watch this space. 
Date Night Look
 I am a little sceptical when it comes to second dates because they never seem to happen for me so, I never get my hopes up or getting too excited because I would get really hurt on a regular basis. I think the only person I have been on more than one date with is Tom but that's because he isn't into me like that *Insert huge frowny face*, I suppose you could call them "Mate Dates". Tom and I initially met through a dating site we hit it off and have been very good friends ever since meeting around 3 months ago, I would totally date him and he knows it but its not going to happen! 

Anyway enough of that lets move onto Saturday, I had a surprise visitor who arrived with the most beautiful bunch of flowers for me. I haven't had flowers brought for me for at least 9 years so, for him to say " I was in the area and drove passed a florist and thought Ahhh I will get some flowers for Ems that will make her smile" did just that put a huge grin on my face. I cant name the person because he said if people find out they will think he has gone soft, it wasn't soft at all it just proved what an amazing friend he is.

So, that was my weeks highlights, I hope you enjoyed a bit of a look into what goes on when I am not blogging about Beauty etc and I will leave you with a picture of my beautiful flowers,

Ems xo

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