Review: Docteur Renaud Raspberry Soft Cream‏

I received this wonderful cream quite some time ago but due to a bit of a manic personal life have yet to blog about it so, sit back and enjoy the review.

I have been using this cream for around a month I swapped out my regular skin care routine to give this product the full attention it deserved, as it claims to be perfect for dry skin and you have all heard me bang on and on about my skin that I am sure you are bored now.

What the brand say: Docteur Renaud’s Raspberry Soft Cream helps restore your complexion and provide skin with that soothing sensation of absolute comfort. You’ll find that this moisturising, nourishing cream is easily absorbed, leaving your complexion feeling soft, supple, comforted and cocooned in the natural goodness of Raspberry.  With Docteur Renaud you’ll have beautiful looking skin that sparkles with health and vitality, leaving you and your skin smiling.

The cream has quite a think consistency which you would expect from a luxurious high end brand and the smell is absolutely Divine, The raspberry scent is not overpowering and fades fairly quickly. The cream is non greasy and sinks into the skin fairly quickly leaving a natural healthy glow.

As I said earlier I have used this for around a month now and I really have noticed the difference, my skin looks much more alive and keeps that natural glow for most of the day if I am not wearing makeup. As with all lotions and potions I always comment on the eczema factor because I think its important, for me this cream did not cause any itchy flare ups and that is always a great bonus. (this is based on my skin and how I react other eczema suffers may respond differently)

You can purchase Docter Renaud's Raspberry Soft Cream (50ml) for £24.95 at their website

Have you tried this brand before? Tell me what you thought.

Ems xo

*PR sample sent for review. All views are my own

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