Sugarpill Review and Swatches

 A little while ago when I actually had money I treated myself to some Sugerpill goodies. I had been wanting to try this brand for a long time but, never actually got round to it as its so hard to get hold of here in the UK.

I picked up the following shades in a mixture of pressed and loose powders:

Bulletproof (Pressed) - Matte Black
Tako (Pressed) - Matte White
Love+ (Pressed) - Matte Red
Buttercupcake (Pressed) - Matte Yellow
Poison Plum (Pressed) - Matte Purple
Flamepoint (Pressed) - Matte Orange
Stella (Loose) - Black with Rainbow Sparkle
Goldilux (Loose) - Metallic Gold
Starling (Loose) - Metallic Turquoise
Hysteric (Loose) - Metallic Purple with Turquoise Sparkle
Asylum (Loose) - Deep Red with Sparkle
Lumi (Loose) - White with Turquoise Sparkle

Loose Shadows without Primer

With ELF Primer

Buttercupcake performed well with and without the primer only needing one swipe of my finger in the product.

Love + Unprimed is not as pigmented as I would have liked it took several swipes of the product to get the colour achieved in the image. Primed with one swipe it works better

Bulletproof is the same as Love+ primed it works much better.

Tako  and Flamepoint performed very well using one swipe of product in both images.

Poison Plum needed a couple of swipes of product without primer but no way near as much as Bulletproof and Love+ and Primed would still need a little more product added to get that really intense purple.

Overall I was very impressed with the shadows I would have hoped that Love+ and Bulletproof were more pigmented than they were! Great value for the size of the product and lovely packaging. My overall favourite is Flamepoint I am completely in love with the colour its stunning.

Loose shadows no primer

All of the loose shadows were swiped once without using primer or water! I was impressed with all of the Loose shadows and don't have a bad word to say about any of them.

The colour payoff is completely outstanding and the image really doesn't do them justice. I am really looking forward to using these in future looks.

You can get your hands on these amazing products at Sugarpill's website Loose Eyeshadows and Pressed Eyeshadows are both priced at $12.00 with is around £7.70 and for the amount of product you get that is outstanding value.

Shipping is very reasonable as well starting at $6.00 and then free anywhere in the world for orders over $75.00.  As for the packaging it comes in a sugarpill branded box carefully wrapped in pink tissue paper. I did get a free Sugarpill sticker which now sits on my brush pot and a sample which is so small I didn't want to open it to swatch I am saving that one for a special occasion.

You can now purchase Sugarpill here in the UK from the amazing Love Make Up  Loose and Pressed Eyeshadows are £8.50 and Palettes are £24.99. UK postage is £2.99 or £6.99 for Next Day Delivery.

Over the coming weeks I will be doing FOTD's using these stunning colours so you can see exactly how great they are.

Have you used Sugarpill? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Ems xo

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