Review - Attitude Matte Finish Nail Varnish

I purchased Attitude Matte Finish Nail Varnish quite a while ago from my local Capital store in Hove. Other than eBay and Amazon I am not aware of any shops that sell this product because its a pro product.

I love it when you find a product that does exactly what it says on the bottle. I applied MUA's shade 2 Black colour all over the nails and allowed them to dry before applying the matte topcoat from Attitude.

See the after results below for yourself

Yes I know I am not all that great at covering the nail but you can see the result!

The Attitude topcoat cost me £2.76 from Capital and the MUA Nail Varnish cost me £1.00.

I think as I said the images speak for themselves I cant wait to try the product on more obscure colours to see if the affect is just as good.

Have you tried this topcoat before? What did you think?

Ems xo

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