Review: Nail Art Nail Tattoos

I absolutely adore doing my nails, It's one of the best things I do to relax. So when I got my fingers on these nail tattoo stickers I was rather happy.

When I opened the packaging I was pleasantly surprised. They're in pretty nifty packaging which just folds back flat, meaning they are easy to put away once you have finished your nails.

 First of all, even if you are rubbish at all the slinky painted nail designs and dont fancy paying loads for decent looking nails, these will be right up your alley, they're not overly expensive but look really pretty.
There are enough stickers in the pack to do a full set (all ten fingers) six times. On the model I only used one finger on each hand, just for a bit of a difference.

For starters I put on Collection 2000 Nail hardener as a base coat as it makes it easier for the colour to look even. The models nails are painted with 3 coats of Collection 2000 hot looks sherbert lemon.

After waiting for them to dry, you simply gently peal the nail stickers from the backing paper, and place them on the nail in which ever funky design  takes your fancy. Very carefully push down to make sure it's secure then coat them in a top coat to seal them in.

Simple as that!

Nail Art's Nail Tattoos are available for £5.99 from

Jo xo

*PR sample sent for review. All views are my own

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