YouTube, Tumblr and Other Goodness

Because I hate posting without a picture! Me and the Princess xo
Hey My Beauties!

After much persuasion from a few friends I will be starting to upload a few YouTube Tutorials each week. I will get tongue tied so I am pretty sure the videos will be filmed and then have a voice over or captions added but I haven't decided yet.

I would love your input, How would you prefer the videos to be filmed? Do you have particular tutorials/review videos that you would like to see me post?

I am pretty nervous about the whole YouTube thing so bare with me whilst I find my feet.

I have started my Halloween series as I am sure you have already seen from yesterdays post and I will be aiming to do one a week until Halloween, If you want to see anything in particular please comment and I will give it a go.

Finally, I have started posting all of the looks from the blog on Tumblr so pop along to Tumblr and give me a follow:

I always love to hear from you guys weather it be good or bad so leave me a comment with things you would like to see or things you would prefer i did a little different etc.

For now that's all the updates I hope you have a great week.

Ems xo