Breast Cancer Awareness Month - A Personal Post!

Hey My Beauties!

I wanted to do a post about Breast Cancer Awareness Month and wasn't quite sure what to post so, I thought I would do more of a personal post.

I currently have a small lump in my breast, should I have started it that way? Straight to the point I suppose, No I haven't yet been to the Doctors which means I don't know if its just lumpy tissue, a cyst or the big C. I know many of you will sit there and think silly girl go to the Doctors now but read on a little and you may understand why I leave it a few days.

I have been on the at risk list for around 5 years, my Mum had Breast Cancer when she was 35 and I have had several lumps in my breast since since I was around 21. I will be screened earlier than most women because of this and when I do find a lump I get seen very quickly.

The reason I leave it a few days is because the previous lumps have been nothing or mastitis so, usually in a few days the pain goes away and the lump reduces in size until its gone.

This time is a little different as it is in the other breast that I have never had a problem with and the lump is fairly large but I still want to see if it goes down by itself before I really start panicking.

I would like to say to all women that read my blog if you don't check your breasts regularly you should! And most certainly if you discover a lump for the first time painful or not get yourself straight to the Doctors.

I am pretty sure mine is nothing but of course it is better to be safe than sorry so, if the lump is still there Friday I can assure you I will be straight to the Doctors going through my usual examination and referral to have a biopsy and scan.

I may seem calm in this post but like anyone I am shitting myself but I look back at the past 7 lumps and chill out a little.

I will keep you updated on the outcome!


Ems xo

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