Long Overdue Review - Ahava's Intensive Foot Cream

Just before Christmas the lovely people at Ahava offered me the chance to try out their foot cream and after trying their face mask/scrub I jumped at the chance.

Unfortunately my personal life got in the way hence the lack of most posts but I am finally able to bring you the review.

I have always had slight dryness on my feet so I was really looking forward to seeing if this would ease the dryness prior to Christmas period with the possible need to wear heels.

The cream is very thick and luxurious to the touch, not overly greasy, sinking into the skin fairly quickly. The smell is lovely and not overpowering at all, I actually found the smell very relaxing.

My already soft skin did instantly feel softer, the dryer parts didn't really have an effect but, this product is something to be used over time to improve the skin in that area which indeed it does. I used the cream daily after bathing and showering and did one intensive session by applying a thick layer prior to bed and adding a warm pair of socks.

After one week of using this product and the intensive session I noticed a major improvement on the heels of my feet. The dryness in that area had significantly reduced.

What Ahava say about this product: an ultra-rich, soothing formula that leaves dry, rough and cracked feet feeling remarkably soft, supple and comfortable.

This product is not the cheapest on the market but I highly recommend it for those of you that suffer with dry feet and haven't found relief thus far.

I plan on posting before and after images after a further weeks session as I never actually got the chance to do this before and as with everything the proof is in the pudding.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this and will look forward to the images once I get chance to bring that to you in the next few weeks.

You can buy ahava's foot cream from For £18 for 100mls of product and can be purchased directly from Ahava's website

Have you tried this product, what did you think?

Ems xo

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