So, Summer Is On Its Way?!

Afternoon Beauties!

This post is aimed at my lovely darker skinned readers.

I have heard from a few dark skinned beauty guru's on YouTube that finding tanning products can be a bit of a chore for Asian, Black and Mixed race beauties. Now there is a London based company called Karamel & Brown who have created a range of tanning products specifically for you beautiful ladies of colour!

The company was founded by Cheryl Effiom who is of Afro-Caribbean decent she created the line due to the struggles of finding a product that would give her that just back from holiday glow all year round.

Karamel & Brown have created a range of goodies and the great thing is that they do trial sizes so, you don't have to lay out a huge amount of your hard earned cash to see if their products would work for you!

What products are in this range:

Karamel and Brown Express Glow Legs 50ml £6.95, 200ml £19.95
Karamel and Brown Glow Face Creme 50ml £6.95, 200ml £16.95
Karamel and Brown Glow Body Moose 50ml £6.95, 200ml £18.95
Karamel and Brown Glow Mitt Applicator £2.95
The pricing of the products are in line with many other self tanning products which, is great as a lot of specialised companies get greedy and put a premium on the product.

Now obviously I am not a woman of colour so, I cant vouch for the products from this company, if you have tried this brand I would love to know how you got on as I am sure my other readers would.

I hope that this post is useful to some of you.

Ems xo

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