Two Funerals, A Birthday and a Head Injury.... Its been so long!

Well Hello My Gorgeous Readers,

It has been a fair few months since I have sat down to write to you and lots has happened some which you can guess from the post title.

Granny and her husband Stan
I started the year losing my ex's Gran she lost her battle with Lung Cancer and passed away on January 6th. I had a lot of respect and love for Granny she had been in my life since I was 16 so, It was a very hard saying goodbye and even harder seeing my in laws for the first time in 2 years. Thankfully my amazing best Friend Tom was there to hold my hand, wipe away my tears and cuddle me, I don't think I could have got through that without him.

I got a little wrapped up in family at that point as I am sure you can understand and when I was ready to come back and start bringing you reviews, looks and even videos I lost my Uncle Kevin and my world fell apart a bit. Uncle Kevin was my favourite Uncle I had an awful lot of love for him for things he had done for me throughout my younger years and I always used to stay with him, his wife and my two cousins when I was younger. The hardest thing about this situation was that my Dad and Uncle Kev weren't on speaking terms so, the lead up to his passing was very difficult having to see how distraught my Dad was especially when he thought that he may not get to make peace with him as Uncle Kev was unconscious.
Uncle Kevin and Olly his Grandson

Thankfully Kev did regain consciousness for a few days and even though we are not sure if he knew who we were Dad did get to speak to him before he finally lost his battle with Lung and Bone Cancer on 2nd March. I have never witnessed a funeral with so many people in attendance over 200 people came to show their respects and again Tom was there to drive me and my sister there and then to cuddle me afterwards.

My Awesome Cake :)
Then came my 31st, yes I am a year older as of 19th April! My birthday weekend certainly started and ended with a bang (literally) My Tom made me an amazing cake covered in hearts and skulls. On the Saturday we all went out drinking and dancing whilst Tom took some hilarious pictures and Sarah took a hilarious video which is below. I ended my night being a drunken idiot and falling over and whacking my head on the pavement queue the tears!

I thought everything was OK until I got to Monday and I was still rather spaced out, I checked my symptoms on NHS Direct and it said call an ambulance which I though was a bit drastic so, I called the non urgent number and indeed it ended with an ambulance being called for me. I arrived at hospital had an intial examination by a nurse and then a thorough one by a doctor, It was determined there was no bleed on the brain just concussion and a bit of whiplash. I wasn't allowed to be on my own for a further 24 hours so, Tom insisted he look after me and that he did :)

Its been a week since the accident and I'm still suffering with headaches but I don't feel spaced out anymore which is great.

I would like to take this time to thank the brands and people I was working with prior to my hiatus for being so understanding and for all the love my friends and readers have given me during these difficult months. I feel ready to start focusing on the blog again and I hope you will all enjoy reading it again.

I will leave you with some pictures from my birthday which I hope you will find as funny as we did :)

Much Love

Ems xo

Winding up the boys for giggles!

This Picture looks very wrong but so funny

The Ruby Pout

Tom and Yas were fascinated with my boobs!

Too much drunk laughter

Walrus Ems


Drunk silly face 1

Silly face 2
My favourite picture of the night, Tom is a very bad man!

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