Introducing Mallzee: All Of Your Favourite Shops In One Virtual Mall!

Mallzee are a brand new online mall which bring all of your favourite brands together under the one roof, so to speak, You will find the likes of ASOS, Burtons, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and many more top brand fashion stores. You can build up your own personal wardrobe from all of the shops saving the items in one place until you are ready to place your order.

This UK based company give you the oportunity to earn mallzee money each time you spend through them, this money can be used as store credits, against exclusive offers and other stuff.

Enough of my introduction I had the chance to chat with the Mallzee team and ask them a few questions so, to learn more about the company and those behind it carry on reading

1. Who are the people behind Mallzee and tell us a little about yourselves?

Cally: CEO
Cally is the mastermind behind Mallzee. A keen entrepreneur at only 25 years old, Cally has a background in PR and has worked for one of the worlds biggest PR companies. He claims he's not yet a full fashionista but we're always catching him reading fashion blogs on his lunch break!

Callum: COO
Callum provides the bridge between the business and technical aspects of Mallzee, having previously ran an award winning business. He's a bit of a daredevil, riding motocross in his spare time, and is forever coming into the office with bumps and bruises! Callum always packs a punch and knows how to get his head down and work but we all know he's a big softie at heart! 

Jamie: Head of Product
Jamie is a genius of all things code. He's been known to whip up amazing apps in a matter of hours and while the rest of the team stare in amazement at the creation, Jamie humbly tells us it's 'no big deal'. On top of this he's also the office sweetheart/tea addict and is loved by all. 

Laura: International Engagement Officer
Laura is a fashion business graduate and has interned at magazines and PR companies in London before joining Mallzee at the very start as an intern. Laura has been known to be attached to her laptop 24/7 and is forever hunting for the best blogs out there. She's obsessed with all things fashion and has an unhealthy fascination with handbags, and dogs!

Rachel: Head of Content
Rachel is also a fashion graduate and has had experience interning at top fashion magazines in London. She joined Mallzee as an intern then came on board as Head of Content thanks to her fab ways with words. Rachel is a self confessed drama queen, gets very excited about reduced cakes in Tesco and is a keen skateboarder who has been known to tweet Tony Hawk on occasion!

Alex: Designer
Alex graduated from a top art school and specialises in product design and branding. She's had experience designing for fashion brands and has designed some incredible concepts and products that would blow your mind! She claims not to be a fashionista but she's always strolling into the office looking super stylish and freaks out at thought of a moth eating her clothes!

David: CTO
Mallzee's technical wizard- David has over 25 years experience in the industry and is a total expert at what he does. David is responsible for Mallzee's technical side, the side that makes Mallzee smart and shows you things that suit your tastes. Somewhat of a dark horse, our roving techy is known his love of salted liquorish (we know- it sounds awful!)

Our Amazing Interns: Johnny, Mhairi, Mandy, Caroline, Amanda. 
We may be biased but we think we've got the best interns around. The Mallzee interns are a huge part of what we do and they're such an important part of our team and do WAY more than make the tea, in fact, we actually make tea for them!

2. What was the inspiration behind Mallzee?
Mallzee was created out of the realisation that online shopping was getting boring. People want more than just clicking and buying. We don't think shopping online should be a chore, we want people to have fun when they shop online and be able to chat to their friends and see things that suit their tastes rather than scrolling through pages and pages. 

3. What makes Mallzee unique from other shopping sites?
Mallzee is unique as it is designed just for you. With Mallzee, you can shop all your favourites in one place, your very own online mall, and see things that are specially selected for your taste. We think shopping should be social and that's why we let you chat to and shop with friends in real time. We also reward you for shopping with us by paying you Mallzee Dollars, getting paid to shop- amazing right?

4. If you could each pick one brand that you deal with as a favourite which brand would that be and why?
Cally- ASOS because they do some really cool menswear
Callum- Burton because they've got a good range 
Jamie- Topman because they've always got good deals on shirts!
Laura- Urban Outfitters because they sell some really cool brands that you can't get many other places
Rachel- Free People is a new favourite of Rachel's that she discovered through Mallzee. She loves the grungy, battered look their pieces have and that you can buy them with that cool look without needing to scruff it up yourself.
Alex- Karen Millen because the quality of their fabric is amazing! She really likes their edgier pieces. 
David- Burton because it's not too fussy
Johnny- Urban Outfitters too because they offer a wide selection for men which is quite rare and they use lots of colour

5. What is your staple fashion piece?

Cally- A crisp white shirt because I never know when I'm going to have to run out to a meeting!
Callum- A graphic tee- simple yet stylish
Jamie- A checked shirt and occasionally a baseball cap!
Laura-  A statement necklace because it can totally change up any outfit
Rachel- Jeans & a T-shirt because you can dress them up or dress them down!
Alex- Scarfs- you can wear them with everything!
David- You can't go wrong with a good pair of jeans!
Johnny- Double denim!

Mallzee are giving all of my readers the chance to have VIP accounts for free by signing up following this link: its free so, what is there to lose? 
On Thursday the Mallzee Team will be showing you what their top fashion picks are for the Festival season so, come and have a read when that goes live :)

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