Bleach London Super Cool Colours Violet Skies

Hey Lovelies,

I got a little bored with the red hair so, I decided to go back blonde but as I was doing it myself and had long roots with only a light wash of bleach on them I decided to temporarily go purple while my hair relaxes from the bleach. Last time I lightened my hair i did it all so quickly and ended up with broken hair so, I wasn't going to repeat that mistake.

Anyway back to the dye, I had always wanted to try Parma Violets when I was blonde before but, it was always sold out and then it was recalled :( I have no idea why it was recalled as it was a beautiful colour with lots of different colour shades in it.

I opted for Violet Skies which I am assuming is the replacement of Parma Violets the shade in the bottle looks like a very dark purple but, don't be scared off this is not how it comes out.
When you put the colour into a mixing bowl it appears to be a pink toned purple and this is apparent in the finished look but very subtle. 

The only issue I had with this product is that it didn't take to some of the light areas of my hair and obviously  my roots, however, I think this may be partly my fault with not lightening it enough but, I have a very sensitive scalp and bleach can burn me quite quickly so, I had to take it off quite quick this time.
I really like the final colour, I think it really suits my skin tone and actually brings some colour to my face where as the red made me look quite pale. The price of £5.00 is perfect for all of us and I could have got away with using half the bottle but, I always use a bit more to ensure i get the product everywhere. 

The brand on a whole is very affordable and I have had no bad experiences with any of their products which for lighter shades is now my go to brand. I would like to try Blullini, Awkward Peach and Sea Punk but, after stumbling across that's so yesterday's blog I want to try her mermaid hair which is linked, her hair is super amazing! 

What have your experiences with Bleach London been? Would you try Violet Skies? Let me know in the comments.

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